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Profile Projector

High Quality & Accuracy Profile Projectors, Shadowgraphs, Optical Comparators from Insize

Profile projectors (often referred to as an optical comparator or shadowgraph) are a valuable measuring tool for engineering shopfloors, manufacturing lines or inspection departments. The projector magnifies the profile of the specimen and shows this on the  projection screen. The screen features a grid that can be rotated 360 degrees therefore the X-Y axis of the screen could be aligned correctly using a straight edge of the machined part to analyse or measure.

The advantages include: revealing imperfections such as burrs, scratches, indentations or undesirable chamfers which both micrometers or calipers can’t reveal, they’re able to measure in 2-D space. Unlike micrometers and calipers which measure one dimension at a time, where comparators measure length and width simultaneously.

Profile projectors are ideal for measuring and inspecting small work pieces or tools and have a high level of magnification (e.g. X10 as standard or up to X100 as optional).  Insize profile projectors are the best on the market for functionality at an affordable price. Call us today to discuss your requirements and let us quote you now.