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Setting tools are used in engineering for setting up a work piece on a milling machine or machining centre to a known zero or datum (usually with a 3D tester, touch probe, wobbler, wiggler or edge finder) or for pre-setting the cutting tool with a tool presetter to accurately set the tool diameter, radius or length.

Setting tools can vary from very basic (e.g. wobbler/edge finder/centering indicators) to high precision/high speed tools such as laser pre-setting.  We are able to help you with any requirement through our manufacturers Insize, Blum, Mahr or M.Conti.

Cutwel stock and supply setting tools from basic edge finders to offline/online tool presetters from M.Conti and Blum Novatest.  For advanced tool pre-setting requirements, please contact our technical team to help you with your enquiry or BUY TODAY from our standard stock range of basic setting tools.