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Small tool instruments are generally portable measuring tools used either by hand or mounted on a table for dimensional inspection of engineered products.  The most popular shop floor measuring tool is the vernier caliper (sometimes called a digital vernier) whilst the most popular and accurate portable measuring tool is the micrometer (accurate to 3 decimal places).

We hold a wide range of portable measuring tools from inspection quality German brand Mahr to workshop quality from Insize including Digital and Vernier calipers, inside, outside and internal bore micrometers, height gauges, thread gauges, slip gauges, pin gauges, plug gauges, depth gauges, granite surface plates

The majority of our measuring tools are available on next day delivery or a short lead time from our European warehouses. The majority of our measuring tools come with a 12 month warranty and can all be supplied with UKAS or DKD calibration. Browse our selection and buy today.