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Bore Gauges

Digital & dial bore gauges available from Insize. These gauges measure the diameter of holes, cylinders or pipes with the aid of a digital indicator. Sets also available for measuring different sized bores.

    Shop Now Digital Bore Gauges

    Digital depth gauges from Insize. Ceramic and steel measuring faces create a durable, wear resistant tool which allows for repeated measurements.

    Shop Now Dial Bore Gauges

    Dial bore gauges from Insize. Metric and imperial sizes available as well as long length and small hole models for harder-to-reach bores.

    Shop Now Bore Gauge Sets

    Bore gauge sets from Insize. Sizes range from 3mm up to 160mm. These sets are a cost-effective solution where multiple bore gauges are required.

    Shop Now Three Point Bore Gauges

    Three Point Bore Gauges from Insize. Different sizes and lengths available as well as a pistol-grip style model for increased ease of use.