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Wide selection of Digital, Vernier, Dial, Groove & Point Calipers

from leading measuring tool brands Insize, Mitutoyo & Mahr ranging from 0-150mm up to 2 metres

The vernier caliper can be traced back to ancient China as early as the Xin dynasty (9 AD). It was reinvented in its modern form in 1631 by the French mathematician Pierre Vernier (1580–1637) and has since developed to include 3 main variations, the vernier caliper, the dial caliper and the digital caliper (often referred to as a digital vernier).  The benefit of the caliper is its simplicity and ease of use for measuring diameter, width, length and depth and can also be used for more specialist applications such as groove measurement.

Mahr and Insize represent 2 of the biggest names in world metrology.  Mahr, the world's third largest dimensional measuring tool manufacturer, are the premier German brand used in quality departments and shop floors across the globe.    We have a huge range of digital, vernier or dial calipers from 4" to 2 metres.  Our calipers are available in IP65/IP67 waterproof, with data output or integrated wireless.   Mahr calipers are 1st choice where only the highest quality is required, Insize are ideal for all shopfloor requirements where value matters most. Buy now and try today!