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Measuring Tool Sets

Complete Measuring Tool Kits from Insize

Ideal for beginners and professionals

Insize have taken their items that work well in conjunction with each other and put them in a set that allows you to purchase the tools you need altogether. These sets are specifically tailored to ensure  that if multiple tools are needed for the same job then they are supplied together for ease.


Ranging from a 2 - 13 piece set including items such as Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Stands and other Small Tool Instruments these sets plan for any eventuality. The sets come packaged in a protective case so that they can be stored effectively and are protected when not in use so can be stored away safely. Most of our equipment can also be supplied with a UKAS Calibration certificate. Insize products all have a 12 month guarantee and are available for next day delivery from Cutwel.

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