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Rulers, Straight Edges & Protractors

Strong and durable stainless steel rules, straight edges and protractors from Insize. High tensile strength tape also available.

    Shop Now Rulers

    Strong and durable rulers made from either aluminium or stainless steel for measuring metric and imperial measurements. Various sizes and styles available.

    Shop Now Straight Edges

    Straight edges, or flat edges, from Insize are made from hardened tool steel (58HRc) or stainless steel to incease durability. Various sizes and types available.

    Shop Now Protractors

    Digital, dial and vernier protractors from Insize is strong and durable. Protractors are available for measuring angles up to 180°, 225° and 360°.

    Shop Now Tapes

    Measuring tapes and wheels from Insize. Tape made from a high tensile strength fibreglass with a nylon coating for increased wear resistance.