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Slip, Pin & Plain Plug Gauges

Pin gauges are designed for measuring smaller bore diameters whereas slip gauges are precisely manufactured for measuring , setting up of sizes and also to calibrate precision measuring instruments or inspection gauges.

    Shop Now Plain Plug Gauges

    Plain plug gauges for Insize are for gauging hole sizes, to determine if the hole is within the upper/lower limits of the components tolerance. Each gauge has both go and no-go gauges on each side.

    Shop Now Pin Gauges

    Huge range of pin gauge sizes available as sets or individually from 1-20mm. Supplied in grade 1 as standard but other grades available on request.

    Shop Now Slip Gauge Blocks

    Slip gauges from Insize. Available in either grade 2 (workshop / general use) or grade 1/0 (inspection use) from 0.5mm up to 1000mm

    Shop Now Slip Gauge Sets

    Slip gauge sets from Insize containing from 8 to 122 pieces from diameters 1.005mm to 500mm. They are available in grade 2 (workshop / general use) or grade 1/0 (inspection).

    Shop Now Pin Gauge Handles

     Pin gauge handles from Insize. The clamping brushes are either made of brass (0.2-7.14) or aluminium (7.14-25.65). Each set comes in pairs.