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V-Blocks & Parallels

Roller Bearing V-Block Set (6888 Series)Magnetic V-Blocks, Granite V-Blocks, Roller Bearing V-Blocks, Induction V-Blocks and Steel or Granite Parallels

The Insize V-Block range can be used for inspection and also for workholding. The V groove in the block provides a location for cylindrical work pieces (round bar) to sit in securely and accurately with high repeatability. V-blocks are available with a magnetic switch with high clamping force which prevents the v-block from moving during inspection of machining.  For more secure clamping, v-block sets have a top clamp which clamps down on top of the work piece.   Cutwel offer granite V-Blocks (free from temperate deviation), magnetic V-Blocks, Roller Bearing V-Blocks (for heavy workpieces), induction v-blocks and low cost V-Blocks (for inspection only).

Parallels are used for accurately raising the height of a work piece either for machining (for example when drilling a through hole) or for inspection (when the underside of the work piece needs to be accessed).  Parallels are ground or lapped to a precision size for high repeatability and are available in steel parallels or granite parallels.

The Insize range of V-blocks and parallels is one of the widest available from stock in the UK and is made to exceptional quality standards, high accuracy and long lasting.  Insize products all have a 12 month guarantee and are available for next day FREE delivery from Cutwel... buy now.