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About Menrica

We are a family-run manufacturing business with a strong and reputable history for delivering high-quality manufacturing solutions. Bill started the company in 1973 and over 44 Years we have built strong relationships with some of the worlds most reputable Engineering firms.

Our considerable experience and skill base, coupled with our dedication to quality has given us a loyal customer base who can expect to receive products manufactured to an exacting standard, delivered on-time and with first class communication during the project life cycle


Tools Of The Trade

We currently buy over 98% of all our tooling from Cutwel including tools for milling, turning, threading & more. We have a lot of work pieces come through the door and by using Cutwel's tooling, our expert staff ensure we produce the highest quality across our entire range.

The Alu-Power & Alpha Mill tools (Solid & Indexable Milling), along with our taps, drills & gauges, are items we regularly get in from Cutwel and are our first choice when it's time to set up and start machining! Since swapping to these tools our turn around times have dropped and our surface finish has increased!

Alongside the consumable items we also use different tool holders in the machines and using the collet chucks from Cutwel has allowed us to run the tool at higher speeds while maintaining an optimum run out. 

Machining Capacity


Here at Menrica we currently have five operational milling machines running on shop floor daily, see the different makes and sizes we have below:

  • Haas CNC Machining Centre
  • KRV3500SM Prototrak 3 Axis CNC Turret Mill (1524mm x 850mm Table)
  • KRV 3000 CNC Turret Mill (1600mm x 812mm Table)
  • TOS Vertical Mill (1600mm x 812mm Table)
  • Adcock & Shipley Horizontal Mill (1016mm x 584mm Table)



Our turning machine repertoire boasts 8 different machine makes,  with 10 machines in total:

  • XYZ 200TC CNC Turning Centre
  • Haas TL CNC Lathe (300mm Swing)
  • XYZ Proturn 425
  • Colchester Mascot (Swing 700mm)
  • Herbert No. 4 Turret Lathe
  • Ward 3DS Turret Lathe
  • Ward 3DB Turret Lathe
  • Ward 2DS Turret Lathe (3x This Machine)

In the grinding sector of Menrica we run 3 different machines:

  • Jones & Shipman 540 Surface Grinding Machine (450mm x 254mm Table)
  • Jones & Shipman Model 1300mm External Grinding Machine (685mm x 254mm Table)
  • Delapena No. 2A Honing Machine

Finished Products

Once a workpiece has been finished and is ready to go out we regularly take pictures of them so people can see the quality of the work produced. Please see just a few from our collection below.

Thanks to the lovely Lauren Hirst  our fabulous account manager who continues to look after us and to Cutwel for their continued  excellent service & products.

Cutwel would like to thank Bill, Laurence & Amos, Violet and the rest of their team at Menrica for agreeing to appear in our blog series and look forward to a long partnership with Menrica.

To view the items mentioned in their blog please find the appropriate links below.

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If you would like to write a blog and submit it to our Customer Profiles page then please email with your blog and it will find it's way online and ready for our customer base to read!

The Bennett Family - Menrica Engineering Company Ltd

The Bennett Family (Left To Right): Bill, Laurence & His Daughter Violet, Amos.