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General Purpose Carbide Milling Cutters

Uncoated carbide

Micrograin carbide milling cutters

For low cost general machining of Steels <HRc40, non-ferrous materials eg. aluminium, copper and cast iron.

NC Mills

Coated micrograin carbide milling cutters

Low cost economic milling with consistent quality for general machining of Steels <HRc50, stainless steel and cast iron

K2 coated carbide

Coated micrograin carbide milling cutters

High quality general purpose coated carbide milling cutters suitable for general machining of steels <HRc45, stainless steel and cast iron.

Wide Range of Coated and Uncoated Micrograin Carbide Milling Cutters from YG-1 - Shop Now!

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For general machining with solid carbide, we offer 3 levels of performance and tool quality; uncoated solid carbide (ideal for soft/sticky steels or non-ferrous machining), NC Mills (for economic machining of steels and stainless steel <HRc50) or K2 Carbide for higher performance general machining. All general carbide milling cutters are manufactured by YG-1, the world’s largest milling cutter manufacturer, meaning quality and tool consistency is guaranteed.


The best selling K2 Carbide range offers a wide range of tool geometries, lengths and sizes from 0.5mm diameter and includes corner radius carbide milling cutters, rib processing tools for deep pocket milling, carbide rippers and a new range of cutters for a chamfer edge preparation to prevent tool failure in more difficult metals such as stainless steel. K2 Carbide is perfect for dry machining in steels, offering around 40% more tool life than machining wet.