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High Performance Carbide Milling Cutters


DLC Coated for performance copper milling

Designed to maching copper, copper alloys, soft graphite, reinforced plastics and other non ferrous metals. High surface finish due to ultra fine diamond coating.

Diamond Coated

Diamond Coated Carbide Milling Cutters

Huge range for specialist machining of graphite, carbon fibre, fibre glass and other highly abrasive metals, plastics or composite materials.

D-Power Graphite

Diamond Coated Ultrafine Micrograin Carbide

For High performance milling of graphite, wrought aluminium, Bakelite, plastics, wood and brass. Ultra fine film of diamond coating ensures smooth surface finish.


High Performance Plastic Milling.Routing

Dedicated range for machining acrylic, Perspex and other plastic materials. Lapped flutes and double helix to prevent built up edge and provide a mirror finish.

Jet Power

TiALN coated ultrafine micrograin carbide

High speed machining for stainless steel, titanium, Inconel and other exotic materials. Sharp cutting edge provides superior surface finish.


HSC High peed Cutting Ultrafine Carbide

The original high performance cutter from YG-1 for high speed machining of steels/hardened steels <55HRc, stainless steel and cast iron.


Lapped flutes for excellent finish

Premium, german made carbide milling cutters for precise and ultra high quality surface finish on aluminium and plastic. Sizes available from 0.2mm diameter.

A-Plus End Mills

Lapped flutes for superior surface finish

Dedicated milling range for aluminium & non ferrous machining with lapped flutes and double helix to prevent built up edge and give a mirror finish.

TitaNox Power

High performance Titanium machining

High speed machining of titanium, exotic meterials, Inconel and stainless steels. Optimised flute design for excellent chip flow & rigidity.

X5070 Blue

High Speec Cutting NanograinCarbide

1st choice for high speed machining of steels and hardened steels <70HRc with high accuracy and no vibration allowing for a mirror finish.

V7 Mill Inox & Steel

Variable Helix Milling Cutters

Variable helix to eliminate vibration when machining steels, stainless steels, HRSA'sm titanium and cast iron. Large depths of cut and high feed rates.

X-Speed Rougher

HPC High performance milling cutters

Ultra high metal removal ripper cutters for silent machining of steels,hardened steels <HRc55 and cast iron. Variable helix to eliminate vibration.

Alu-Power Carbide

Micrograing Carbide Milling Cutters

Ideal for machining aluminium with a mirror finish (excellent surface finish) and ultimate chip control due to the high helix flute geometry

V7 plus

Variable & multiple helix milling cutters

Variable & multiple helix enables large depth of cut, high feed rates and silent machining for ultra high metal removal rates on steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

4G Mills

High Performance Milling Cutters

1st choice for high performance, high accuracy machining of steel/hardened steel <HRc55, stainless steel and cast iron. Also ideal for 3D machining

Wide Range of High Performance Micrograin and Ultrafine Carbide Milling Cutters from YG-1 - Shop Now!

Micrograin carbide and nanograin carbide milling cuttersfrom YG-1 and Karnasch for the highest tool life, shortest cycle times, best surface finish and high accuracy machining. Our performance ranges from YG-1 and Karnasch covers all materal applications including, steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, duplex, titanium, inconel, hastelloy, graphite, carbon/glass fibre, aluminium, copper and plastics.


Depending on your requirements, we can offer tools for ultra high precision machining, high metal removal rates (HPC) and high speed cutting (HSC). The performance milling ranges feature advanced tooling geomeries including multiple helix, variable helix, variable pitch roughers, double core end mills and high feed cutters.

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