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PM60 Only One End Mills

A revolutionary new milling range which can replace both HSS and CARBIDE for general machining!


  • PM60 (Powder Metal Substrate) that has equal performance on carbide & as tough as HSS
  • No more chipped milling cutters from vibration
  • Up to double the tool life of coated carbide in general machining
  • Ideal for CNC or conventional milling
  • Ideal for Steels <HRc40, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel & Cast Iron

The newly developed PM60 substrate combined with YG-1’s own special Y coating gives both exceptional TOUGHNESS and TOOL WEAR properties.

Only One end mills are suitable for both old and new machine tools and give exceptional tool life even under low rigidity and high vibration for steel (<HRc45), stainless steel and cast iron.