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Indexable Milling

A wide range of 90 degree square shoulder milling tools, 45 degree face mills, high feed milling systems and copy milling systems from Korloy, YG-1 Teknik & SMOXH.

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    Shop Now 90 Degree Indexable Milling Systems

    90° square shoulder indexable milling systems for a wide range of applications from general machining to high performance solutions.

    Shop Now High Feed Indexable Milling Systems

    High feed milling systems that designed to achieve higher metal removal rates. A combination of small depths of cut with a large cutting radius and high feed per tooth.

    Shop Now Copy Milling Indexable Milling Systems

    High performance and high precision copy milling systems for 3D machining, high feed milling and high metal removal applications.

    Shop Now 45 Degree Indexable Milling Systems

    45° face milling systems offer high performance machining with economical double sided inserts (Rich Mill RM8 with 8 cutting edges and RM16 with 16 cutting edges).

    Shop Now Indexable Milling Inserts

    Huge range of Korloy, YG-1 & ISO inserts available in either general purpose or material-specific grades. Various sizes and styles available.

    Shop Now Milling Bodies for Ceramic Inserts

    Ceramic milling achieves far greater metal removal rates than conventional milling. When using ceramic inserts, it is important to use a dedicated ceramic tool holder to get the maximum cutting data and tool life.

    Shop Now Screwed Shank Head Adapters

    Screwed shank head adapters are used with threaded screwed shank modular end mills. Once screwed, the tool can be used like a standard end mill and is ideal for extending the reach of the tool.