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X-Power Pro Milling Cutters

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X-Power Pro Milling Cutters

Exceptional performance in wet or dry cutting conditions for high speed milling


  • Suitable for use on Steels, Hardened Steels <HRc55, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron
  • Ideal for mould and die, valves, pumps, tool making, automotive and defence industry
  • Designed for high precision machining
  • Advanced ‘Z Coating’ developed by YG-1 with ultrafine micrograin carbide for exceptional tool life
  • Compared to the original X-Power range, the X-Power pro offers improved tool life by 20-30% and cutting speeds by over 20%

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  1. 2 Flute X-Power Pro Carbide Ball Nose Long Neck Slot Drill - GM886 (YG-1)
    2 Flute X-Power Pro Carbide Ball Nose Long Neck Slot Drill - GM886 (YG-1)
    The YG-1 GM886 series ranges from 0.5-6mm diameter and has an advanced ‘Z Coating’ with an ultrafine micrograin carbide substrate for exceptional tool life. X-Power Pro milling cutters are suitabl ... read more >

    Exceptional performance in high speed milling of steels, hardened steels up to 55 Rockwell, stainless steel and cast iron
    Wet or dry cutt ... read more >
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    • D1 (Diameter): 0.5 - 6
    • D2 (Shank): 4 - 6
    • L1 (Flute Length): 0.7 - 9
    • L2 (Flute Length): 45 - 90

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