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Non-Ferrous Milling Cutters

High performance milling cutters for machining aluminium, aluminium alloys, copper, brass, plastic, graphite & other Non-Ferrous materials.

    Shop Now Alu Power HPC Milling Cutters

    The ULTIMATE tool for high metal removal of aluminium & aluminium alloys. Speed, strength & sharpness, the Alu-Power HPC keeps it's edge under tough conditions.

    Shop Now Aluminium Machining Milling Cutters

    Designed for aluminium machining with excellent surface finish. The special geometries prevent buil-up edge & reduce swarf issues that are common with non-ferrous materials.

    Shop Now D-Power Milling Cutters

    Diamond coated carbide milling cutters, for high speed machining of graphite or abrasive non-ferrous materials.

    Shop Now CRX-S Milling Cutters

    For high speed machining of copper, wrought aluminium, high silicon aluminium, abrasive plastics, soft graphite, carbon fibre and glass fibre.

    Shop Now Plastic Cut Milling Cutters

    Designed primarily for machining of plastics such as ABS or Acrylic and are also suitable for machining aluminium.

    Shop Now Composite Machining Milling Cutters

    For high performance and extreme tool life on composite materials. Ideal for carbon fibre, glass fibre, titanium, aramid, high silicon aluminium & glass filled plastics