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Groove & Thread Milling Tools

Simmill® Multifunctional Groove Milling System by Simtek


The Simmill range of multifunctional groove and thread milling tools from Simtek uses German precision to produce the very best solid carbide and indexable tools for producing threads, grooves, circlips, slots, corner rounding & chamfers using just one holder. Inserts are available in 3-6 teeth and holders available with steel or carbide shanks for higher rigidity in long reach applications.  The system is available in a range of sizes from 1.18mm bores alongside the simmill MX range for large bores or side slotting operations.


Simmill® PX/SX/UX/VX/ Solid Carbide Groove Milling

Simmill® MX Indexable Groove/Disk Milling Tools ≥39mm Bores

Vardex and YG-1 Thread Milling Systems

Our range of solid carbide and indexable thread mills from Vardex and YG-1 offer an excellent solution for internal and external threading on a wide range of thread forms. The Vardex range is renowned as the market leader in thread cutting solutions with the widest choice whereas YG-1 offer unbeatable value. Holders are available in solid or through coolant types.

Vardex Standard Type Indexable Thread Milling Tools

Vardex MiTM Superfast Indexable Thread Milling Tools

Comprehensive range of grooving and thread milling systems from Simtek, Vargus and YG-1.


Check out our huge range of groove and thread milling systems below. Simtek's Simmill® system offers German precision and quality tooling to provide the best solid carbide and indexable tools for producing a wide range of threads, grooves, circlips, slots, corner rounding & chamfers using just one holder. Vargus are experts In threading tools and their Vardex solid and indexable thread mills offer the ultimate solution for a wide range of thread types. YG-1 also offer unbeatable value within their solid carbide thread mill range.

Our systems cover a wide range of applications as seen below:

General Groove Milling

Full Radius Groove Milling

Circlip Groove Milling

Thread Milling

Chamfer Mill

Corner Rounding & Deburring

Disk & Groove Milling

Disk Milling

Simmill® M4 Internal & External Indexable Slot Milling Tools

Vardex TMSD Deep Hole Indexable Thread Milling Tools

The Simmill® AX range combines the A3 (three cutting edge) and A4 (four cutting edge) systems for solid micrograin carbide groove, chamfer,  thread and keyway milling in bores from as small as 0.4mm. 

The Simmill® MX range is used for groove, disk and thread milling in bores above 39mm. The system has been designed to have high precision and stability with holders using up to 10 carbide indexable inserts.

The Simmill® M4 range has been designed for internal and external large diameter slotting applications. Tool holder diameters range from 63mm up to 200mm and can seat up to 20 carbide indexable inserts.

Vardex and YG-1 Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Vardex and YG-1 thread mills are made from micrograin carbide and are all TiALN coated for longer tool life. Holders are available in solid or through coolant types for a wide range of internal and external thread forms.

Vardex offer a wide range of standard indexable milling tools for various thread forms. All holders have through coolant capabilities and also come in various types such as long length, twin flute and twin offset.

The MITM thread mill is designed to reduce cycle time when generating large threads by using long inserts in a multiple-flute holder. MiTM allows significant increases in feed rates and reduced the number of machining passes.

A multi-flute, high-productivity, and economical solution for thread milling in the deepest holes! This newest addition to the Vardex family of thread milling solutions enables you to thread deeper and harder-to-reach holes.