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Indexable Milling

BRE Mill Ball Nose Roughing System

The BRE Mill is ideal for ball nose roughing applications. The system has excellent tool life and anti-breakage technology due to its special surface treatment. Its high performance cutting is supported by good chip control in high speeds & feeds.

There is a huge cost saving benefit to using indexable milling tools, especially at larger diameters. Instead of using the solid type of milling cutter, the indexable type consists of replaceable (usually carbide) inserts and a milling body. These systems are designed to do various types of milling including face milling (facing), slotting, shouldering, helical milling (circular interpolation), plunging and ramping. We supply a vast range of milling tools for these applications and also have specialist systems for particular materials too. Browse our range below, should you need any help deciding on the right system for you then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Our Milling Systems Cover a Wide Range of Applications


(Face Milling)

Shoulder Milling

(Side Milling)

Multipurpose General Milling Systems for a Wide Range of Materials

We supply a wide range of replaceable milling inserts in various grades for Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Exotics & Alumninium.

Alpha Mill - 90° & 75° General Milling System

The Alpha Mill is popular for its general 90 degree milling, used for slotting, facing, square shoulder milling, ramping and helical milling. The system also has a 75 degree milling body. The alpha curve design helps with low cutting resistance.


Rich Mill RM4 90 Degree Milling System

The Rich Mill RM4 is a double sided 4 edge high performance 90 degree milling system. With 4 strong cutting edges and a high rake angle chip breaker for better surface finish the RM4 delivers multifunctional and economical milling.


Rich Mill RM8 45 Degree Face Milling System

With 8 cutting edges, the Rich Mill RM8 from Korloy provides high performance 45 degree face milling. Able to run at high feeds with large depths of cut, the RM8 has a high rake angle which gives low cutting resistance and smooth chip flow. 


Rich Mill RM16 45 Degree Face Milling System

The Rich Mill RM16 boasts the highest number of cutting edges per insert in our entire milling range. With 16 usable cutting edges it makes it an excellent choice for economical face milling.


Rich Mill RMT8 Latch Mill System

With 8 cutting edges per insert, the RMT8 system from Korloy uses the latch clamping system which ensures powerful cutting force & stable clamping to increase rigidity. The system allows for quick changing inserts to lower down time.


Rich Mill RM4Z Plunge Milling System

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Future Mill Conventional Face Milling System

The Future Mill series is a conventional face milling system designed for low power machines. This system contains 45 degree and 90 degree face mill bodies with positive rake inserts for low cutting forces.


High Feed Milling System - Ultimate Metal Removal Rates

HRM Double High Feed Milling System

Reduce cycle times by up to 50% over conventional milling with the HRM Double by Korloy. This double sided 6 edge milling system can be run at high feed rates with a small depth of cut. High rake angle cutting edge and chip breaker reduce cutting load while negative geometry insert increases rigidity. The HRM double is good for facing, shouldering, slotting, ramping and helical milling.

Indexable Milling Systems for Aluminium, Non-Ferrous & Soft Materials

Pro-X Mill High Speed Milling System

The Pro-X Mill provides excellent surface finish & chip control on aluminium & non-ferrous materials due to precision ground inserts & G2.5 balanced holders. Inserts are available with 19mm or 25mm edge length in polished or diamond DLC grades.

Aero Mill High Speed Milling on Aluminium Alloys

The Aero Mill from Korloy is a lightweight milling system designed for use on aluminium alloys. The milling bodies are 50% lighter than conventional steel bodies which allows high speed cutting even on low power machines.


Pro-A Mill Multi-functional Milling System

The Pro-A mill system is ideally used for shouldering, curved surface and slanted shouldering. The high rake angle of the insert ensures excellent mirror finish,  lowers cutting resistance. improves chip flow and reduced built up edge.


Pro-L Mill System

The Pro-L mill is ideal for machining high quality Aluminium or Heat Resistant Super Alloy (HRSA) work pieces. The system has improved perpendicularity and lower cutting resistance with a strong clamping design.

Mould, Die, Toolmaking & Copy Milling Systems

Laser Mill 4 in 1 System

The Laser Mill from Korloy is a multifunctional 4 in 1 finishing system. You can use various end profiles on one holder such as ball nose, corner radius, high feed and chamfer. It is ideal for use in the mould, die and toolmaking industry,

FMR Button Tool System

This button tool milling system from Korloy can cover various applications such as the machining of general steel, cast iron & hardened mould steel, from roughing to finishing. Vibration is prevented using uneven flute spaces.

GBE Mill Ball Nosed System

The GBE Mill from Korloy is used for medium and roughing ball nose milling applications. The tools have long tool life due to the high hardness grades available & are optimised for mould machining processes with the internal coolant system.

More Indexable Milling Products

Indexable Milling Inserts

Our huge range of milling inserts includes all the Korloy inserts for our indexable milling systems eg. APMT, XEKT and SNMG and also ISO milling inserts compatible with other makes of holder such as APKT, SEKN and TPKN.


I-Smart Modular Milling System

Modular indexable milling system by YG-1 allows you to machine with various end profiles on just one holder. One shank can take square and ball nose coated carbide heads and can be changed on the machine, reducing downtime.

ISO Milling Bodies

We stock a wide selection of ISO milling bodies that can be used with most  makes of indexable milling insert.  These include APKT, ADKT, SNMG, TPKN, SPKN and ONMX face mills and end mills.


Groove and Thread Milling

Multi-Purpose groove and thread milling systems from Simtek and Vardex.  The Simtek Simmill systems can thread mill, groove mill and face mill – all with 1 holder. We have a wide range available.

Indexable Chamfer Mills

Indexable milling systems by Korloy, Ideal for front and back chamfer milling, counter sinking, spot drilling and centre drilling in 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 degree approach.

T-Slot, Side & Face Mills

Indexable milling systems for machining T-Slots, Side slotting and facing from Simtek and Korloy. High quality systems, wide range available for UK next day delivery.

Rich Mill RM3 - TRUE 90° Milling System

Offering TRUE 90 degree milling the new rich mill RM3 system gives near perfect perpendicularity (less than 30 microns) with ultra low cutting resistance. This makes it ideal for shouldering, slotting, ramping, helical cutting and facing.


Slot Milling


Ramping (Ramp Milling)

Circular Interpolation

(Helical Milling)

Copying (Copy Milling)


(Chamfer Milling)

Plunging (Plunge Milling)

Counter Boring


(T-Slot Milling)

Side Slotting (Side Milling)

Grooving  (Groove Milling)

Threading (Thread 


Rich Mill RM4Z Plunge Milling System

The RM4Z plunge milling tool machines faster and more effectively in vertical machining such as slotting and pocket machining. It is a multi-functional tool with 4 cutting edge inserts for increased productivity and accurate side machining.


High Feed Milling System for Ultimate Metal Removal Rates