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Aero Mill System for Aluminium

High Speed Face Milling of Aluminium & High Silicone Aluminium With Carbide or PCD Inserts

  • Holder weight reduced by 50% for high speed milling in large diameters (25mm-200mm)
  • Adjustable chip pockets
  • Holders balanced to G2.5 – mirror finish machining. Ultra-high performance
  • Inserts available in polished carbide or PCD grades
  • Ideal for shoulder milling, slotting, facing

Face milling with large diameter face mills (160mm+) has limitations when machining aluminium. Firstly, milling bodes are often heavy due to the size of them and require powerful or large machines to run them effectively. Secondly, aluminium is easy to cut and can be machined at high speeds, even at large diameters such as 250mm or300mm, but running face mills at this speed can cause serious issues for the machine spindle with severe vibration and resulting in damage to the spindle and work piece surface finish issues.


These problems are solved with the Korloy Aero Mill.  Holders are balanced up to G2.5 for high speed face milling of aluminium.  High tolerance surface finish can be acquired due to the low cutting load provided from the high rake angle.  The holders are 50% lighter than steel bodies meaning high speeds can be achieved with large diameter face mills (80-315mm) with low power requirement.  The overall result is aluminium can machined with large diameters, at high speed and long tool life with excellent surface finish and low power requirement. Inserts are available in  grade (H01) for long chipping low-or PCD for high silicon (13%+) aluminium with extreme tool life. Call our technical team to find out more now.