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Wide Range of Solid Milling Cutters, Form Tools, Indexable Milling and Groove & Thread Milling Tools!

Milling Cutters
HSS, Carbide & Powder Metal Milling Cutters
Form Milling Tools
Tools to Chamfer, T-Slot, Corner Round & More!
Indexable Milling
End Mills & Face Mills for Larger Diameters
Groove & Thread Milling Tools
For Multifunctional Grooving & Threading
Miscellaneous Milling Tools
Shell End Mills / Side & Face Milling Cutters

Milling cutters come in a wide range of geometries and substrates to suit many different applications and materials.  Traditionally, slot drills (2 or 3 flute milling cutters) were used for machining slots & plunge milling and end mills (4-8 flutes) were used for profiling, facing and square shoulder milling.  Modern milling cutters are all CENTRE CUTTING meaning it is possible to use 4 flute end mills for plunging, ramping and slotting.  With the advent of variable helix milling, much less inventory is now required.

Cutwel has the widest range of milling cutters in the UK from YG-1 and Karnasch. We are the only supplier to offer milling cutters in HSS 8% cobalt, powder metal, uncoated carbide, coated carbide, nanograin carbide, PCD, MCD, CVD diamond & diamond coated carbide to cover applications from General milling, to high speed cutting (HSC), high feed milling, copy milling & 3D milling for all materials including steels, hardened steels, stainless steels, Inconel, hastelloy, cast iron, aluminium, carbon fibre, glass fibre, honeycomb, aramid & plastics. Browse by application type, contact our technical sales team for the best advice for your application or BUY ONLINE NOW for next day delivery.