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Ali-Cut (Karnasch)

Premium Solid Carbide Milling Cutters With Lapped Flutes For Mirror Finish on Aluminium

  • Specialist range for aluminium milling
  • For precise machining and ultra high quality surface finish
  • Lapped flutes ideal for Aluminium
  • Micro machining - diameters available from just 0.2mm
  • Close tolerance machining
  • Premium solid carbide range - made in Germany

Aluminium is one of the softest and lightest materials to machine and also has extremely low wear resistance. This means high speeds, high feeds and large cuts can be taken for very quick cycle times compared to machining steel or stainless steel. However the one main issue with milling aluminium is swarf/chip control.  Aluminium can easily wrap around the milling cutter, clog the flutes and cause problems if not controlled properly. Surface finish is increasingly important in many application and this is where Karnasch has the best tools for this requirememt.

The Karnash Ali-Cut range is our premium milling cutter range for aluminium machining.  We have milling cutters starting at 0.05mm diameter and a vast range of tool lengths and reach.

Ali-Cut milling cutters have a lapped cutting edge and flute and give 'mirror finish' results on aluminium.  Karnasch milling cutters are made in Germany to the highest tolerances and are used worldwide in aerospace, medical, autosport and mould/die industries.  Contact us today or buy online.