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Uncoated HSS 8% Cobalt

Uncoated High Speed Steel 8% Cobalt Milling Cutters from YG-1

  • 8% Cobalt Substrate gives increased tool life and performance over HSS/HSSE
  • 1st choice for low cost general machining
  • Available from 1 flute versions to 6 flute versions
  • Suitable for machining steel <HRc40, copper and aluminium
  • Available in flat or threaded (screwed) shanks

Originally, all milling cutters were made from HSS (high speed steel) from small diameters to large shell mills.  Over the years, substrate technology has improved and cobalt was added to improve tool life. (HSSE = 5% and HSS-Co8 = 8% cobalt).Cutwel has only ever offered 8% cobalt HSS milling cutters as our lowest priced/quality milling tools, where as most our competitors sell low quality bog standard HSS at the same price we offer the better quality substrate. HSS 8% Cobalt is suitable for machining steel, copper and aluminium. For longer tool life and harder wearing metals please choose coated milling cutters.  HSS is not suitable for stainless steel, for stainless machining we recommend TANK POWER coated powder metal.

Cutwel stocks a huge range of throwaway slot drills, 2 flute slot drills, 3 flute supermills, 4 & 6 flute end mills, fine and coarse pitch rippers, corner rounding, t-slot and woodruff cutters. Our top seller range offers the best prices, stock and quality in the UK for HSS milling. Browse our range and buy today for the BEST PRICES in the UK.