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Mitutoyo - Industry Leading Measuring Tools

Mitutoyo's range of Calipers cover a wide range of applications. These include Digital Calipers (including IP67 coolant proof types), Vernier Calipers, Dial Calipers, Groove and Point Calipers, Knife Edge Calipers & much more!

Mitutoyo Outside Micrometers come in a wide range of various types including Digital, Analogue, Counter and Dial. Also available in IP54 and IP65 ratings. Micrometers are ideal for measuring the outside diameter of components.

Inside & Internal Bore Micrometers are perfect for measuring inside diameters or bore sizes. These are available with Analogue or Digital read outs. Some models also have coolant proof protection.

Height Gauges are used to determine the height of an object or to mark/scribe a particular area on the vertical axis. Mitutoyo height gauges are a high performance solution which include Digital, Vernier and Larger Height Measuring Systems.

Mitutoyo Depth Gauges can be used to precisely measure the depth of holes or slots. These are available in both digital and Vernier types and are a quick and easy alternative to depth micrometers. 

Mitutoyo dial and digital indicators are used for measuring flatness, repeatability, height gauging, consistency and run out in engineering applications. We also supply a wide range of Mitutoyo DTI (dial test indicators).

Mitutoyo Bore gauges are the 1st choice for FAST measuring / gauging of hole diameters. These are available in both Digital and Dial versions.