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NEW - 180 Degree FLAT BOTTOM Dream Drills from YG-1



NEW –180 Degree FLAT BOTTOM Dream Drills from YG-1

The NEW YG-1 flat bottom drill is now available from Cutwel.  Flat bottom drills eliminate the need to pre-mill a flat on a workpiece on angled or curved surfaces. They can also be used for a wide range of applications which are not possible with a  standard pointed drill.



Flat bottom drills can be used for a wide range of applications which are not possible with a traditional ‘pointed’ drill. 

These include drilling: inclined entry or exit holes, counter boring, guide/pilot drilling, cross hole drilling, thin plate drills, curved surface drilling, blind flat bottom holes for tapping/thread milling and chained (overlapping) holes.



Compared to standard pointed drills, they offer the additional benefits of prevention of prevention of deflection, reduced burring, higher accuracy on uneven surfaces, reduced cycle times (by elimination of multiple operations) and straighter holes



  •  YG-1 flat bottom drills are available from Cutwel in 3.0mm to 20.0mm
  • H coated
  • 180 degree point angle
  • They feature a 20 degree helix to maximise strength and prevent deflection
  • Suitable for drilling steels <HRc50, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper


For drilling inclined surfaces from 0-15 degrees, 100% of the maximum recommended feed rate can be used.  For angles between 15-30 degrees, feed rates should be reduced to 50% on entry or 30% for angles above 30 degree.

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