New Mahr 2015 Catalogue
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New Mahr 2015 Catalogue



New Mahr 2015 Catalogue

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Mahr 2015 Metrology catalogue.  With over 800 pages of high quality measuring tools and systems, it is a must for any engineering shopfloor or inspection department.

The biggest innovation in the new catalogue is the full launch of the Mahr integrated wireless measuring system, incorporating calipers, depth gauges and digital indicators.

The new wireless calipers have many benefits:

- Wireless data transmission for the price of a data cable. With Integrated Wireless, you have a new Integrated Wireless data transmission system from Mahr for the price of a data cable.

- Data acquisition with digital calipers is now even simpler: Simply transmit your measured data without being caught up between cables directly into Microsoft Office Excel® or via a keyboard code into any Windows program.

 - With Integrated Wireless your data will be transferred to the digital indicator; this is confirmed with a message in the digital indicator's display to whether the sent data has been transferred correctly, and/or whether you are in the reception range of the i-stick.

 - The digital caliper MarCal 16 EWR i Reference is equipped with a LOCK function. With this key lock the zero position is secured and operating error is avoided.

 - The new Reference system is extremely energy efficient as when the caliper is in standby mode; almost no power is required, thus extending the life of the battery up to 3 years.






 Mahr are the German market leaders in precision measuring tools.  Establish in 1861, they are known as the reference point for accuracy in measuring across the world.

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