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New Measuring Data Capture System



Cutwel, the UK & Ireland’s leading tooling and measuring equipment supplier have several systems available that are able to transmit data direct from their measuring equipment to your computer. These systems save masses of time, eliminating the need to record measurements on paper that then have to be typed up; making them ideal for inspection purposes, also reducing your company’s carbon footprint, as all measurements are recorded electronically.

You can easily monitor SPC (statistical process control) by creating simple spreadsheets for your data to be seamlessly input, this makes sure all your measurements are organised and backed up on your hard drive, as using traditional pen and paper methods these may have been lost. This also enables you to access previous data results. The importance of this traceability in manufacturing is key as manufacturers need to focus on being compliant with regulatory mandates due to commercial pressure growing for this type of process.

When measuring, accuracy is the most important thing and to assist with more complex measurements, foot pedals are available to free up your hands giving ultimate control. Plus if you require the monitoring of tolerances on parts then software is available to allow this.

Cutwel’s data capture systems are made by one of their major measuring tool suppliers, Insize. They are available with either a USB Wireless connection or an interchangeable cable. Both use a simple plug and go system which is compatible with other brands of measuring tool.

These data output systems are available now from Cutwel, please call 01924 869 662 or visit for more information.