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Next Generation, High Performance - 4G Mills Milling Cutters



This week we are focusing on one of the highest performing Milling Cutters in our range, the 4G mills by YG-1. This month these are on a 15% off deal and you can view the range on offer here.


The ball nose 4G mills geometries are made from nanograin carbide which are aimed towards mould and die applications, and this substrate maximises tool life on the harder materials used within this industry. All other 4G Mills are made from a Micrograin Carbide substrate and provide ultimate performance on a wide range of materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Inconel for both wet and dry cutting.


A selection of 4G mills have a multiple helix design which improve stability, reduce vibration and give an excellent surface finish. The multiple helix geometries are ideal for shouldering. There are also 45 degree 6 flute cutters for finishing and then 30 degree cutters for general slotting.


View the 4G mills in action with some great technical data shown in our YouTube video here: