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3D Sensors

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The Haimer Centre dial 3D sensor is a precise and versatile coaxial indicator to center bores and arbors. The sensor has a centering accuracy of 0.003mm and is suitable for use with 5mm probe tips....

  • Quick and exact centering of borings and shafts.
  • Centering accuracy of 0.003mm.
  • Replaceable probes for maximum flexibility.
  • Clamped in a tool holder and positioned close to the sought axis.
  • The probe tip is adjusted and touches the bore or arbor all the way around.
  • Reliably find the axis or bores and arbors.
  • By changing the position of X and Y axis at the machine you can jibe the axis of the spindle and the work piece.
  • Compensation of the run-out errors of the spindle and tool holder - no adjustment necessary.

From £474.49 £395.41

This edge finder is suitable for defining and setting workpiece reference points in all 3 axes (X, Y and Z) on all milling machines and machining centres. The workpiece is measured in any direction wi...

  • Metallic housing with very good visibility of readings
  • Can be used with all tool and eroding machines
  • Easy reading off of actual value
  • IP67 degree of protection: temporary immersion in water possible and dust-proof according to DIN EN 60529

From £356.74 £297.28

The Mahr 3d sensor comes with a large, high contrast dial face and used for milling and EDM machines to provide high accuracy....

  • Large, high contrast dial face
  • Can be controlled independently of a machine tool.
  • High accuracy and linearity
  • Shockproof and waterproof, ideal for the use on a machine with a tool changer.
  • Supplied with 4mm probe.

From £570.00 £475.00

The Haimer Universal 3D sensor is a precisie and versatile measuring instrument for milling and EDM machines (insulated probe). Get exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece....

  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • Smallest unit of measure: 0.01mm.
  • For milling and EDM machines.
  • Insulated probe.
  • Clamped into a tool holder and inserted into a milling spindle.
  • Find exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece.
  • Approach in any direction (X, Y, Z axis).
  • Only the HAIMER 3D-Sensor allows for the edge to be found on the first attempt. 
  • No calculating o the probe's ball diameter is necessary - just zero it out!
  • Replaceable probes give maximum flexibility.

From £352.34 £293.62

The Haimer New Generation 3D sensor is a further development on the Universal 3D sensor and features improved mechanics and a new and compact design. Get exact positioning of the spindle axis on the e...

  • Improved mechanics and more compact design compared with Universal 3D sensor.
  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • Smallest unit of measure: 0.01mm.
  • Compact and easy to grip casing, no restriction to working area.
  • Precise display of spindle position with large 1/100 mm dial gauge (2 hands).
  • Utmost precision of 0.01 mm.
  • Marked overrun distance (safety distance).
  • Aligning machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (X-, Y-, Z-axis).
  • Set zeros.
  • Centre borings and shafts.
  • Measuring lengths and depths.
  • Checking straightness and levelness of surfaces.
  • Aligning work pieces and vices.
  • Quick, without calculations, no mistakes with algebraic signs.

From £352.34 £293.62