Our Top 5 Milling Cutters for Stainless Steel!
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Our Top 5 Milling Cutters for Stainless Steel!



Stainless Steel can be a difficult material to machine at the best of times. That’s why we have compiled a list of our most suitable cutters for milling Stainless Steel to help you choose the right one for your application. From General Performance all the way to Ultimate Performance we have something for you starting with….

PM60 Powder Metal Only One (General)

The Y-Coated PM60 Powder Metal Only One Milling Cutters for machining Stainless Steel in CNC and conventional machining. The Only One end mills by YG-1 are a revolutionary new milling range which can replace both HSS and CARBIDE in general machining applications.

The performance of the Only One End Mill is great because due to the powder metal substrate you will no longer get chipped milling cutters from vibration.

K2 Coated Carbide (General) / NC Mills (Economy)

The K2 coated carbide is first choice for general carbide machining of steels Stainless Steels. The K2 coating by YG-1 offers high thermal stability across a wider range of materials. The new range of chamfer corner prep cutters is designed to prevent early tool failure, especially in stainless steel machining or unstable machining conditions. The chamfer preparation helps prevent the tool from chipping when making first contact with the workpiece.

The NC Mill general purpose coated carbide milling cutters from YG-1 New Century Tool Company is first choice for economic milling of stainless steel up to HRc50. The new X Coating offers unbeatable performance and tool life compared to general uncoated carbide cutters. Due to the limited range and bulk buying power, Cutwel has introduced NC Mills to the UK market at the lowest price for ANY good quality coated carbide with next day delivery guaranteed.

TitaNox (Ultimate)

The TitaNox Power End Mills have been designed for HPC Milling, primarily of Stainless Steels, Titanium and Titanium Alloys. TitaNox Power is different from HPC milling ranges due to the special geometries employed to prevent problems such as clogged flutes in slotting and deflection in side cutting. The 4 Flute Double Core cutter offers the best performance in slotting operations and is excellent in side cutting.

V7 INOX (Performance)

The V7 Inox End Mills are a TiALN coated carbide with variable helix design and inox flute geometry for silent machining. Ideal for large depths of cut and high feed machining in stainless steel, HRSA’s and low hardness steels.


The V7 Plus End Mills are first choice for HPC machining where ultra-high metal removal rates are required. The multiple helix and uneven flute spacing, combined with YG-1’s own Y1200 coating enable extreme performance and tool life in steel, stainless steel and exotics. V7 Plus also includes ranges for trochoidal milling. Recommended for use with high performance holders.


Stainless Steel can be a difficult material to machine, especially if you use the wrong tooling, so if you are unsure on what you need or how to use the tooling above please just give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

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