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Productivity Is Paramount



In an increasingly competitive global market, optimising manufacturing processes is paramount, especially in the mould and die and automotive industries where cost reduction and productivity gains are the main challenges. 

On the tooling side, in order to tackle these issues, YG-1, a global leader in advanced cutting tool manufacturing has developed the 4G mills series. In the UK, the tools are available from Cutwel. 

The 4G carbide mill series comprises high-speed cutting end mills designed to cut materials including medium and low hardened steels, cast iron alloy, carbon steel and pre-hardened steels up to HRC55. 

From material to geometry, the tools include various innovations optimised for high performance levels. Made with a high quality ultrafine carbide substrate and coated with a YG-1 special tailored coating, the mills demonstrate enhanced heat and oxidation resistance that contributes to a longer tool life and an excellent surface finish at higher speed.

Available with two, four, six flute (with or without corner radius) or ball nose, diameter sizes range from 0.03mm to 25mm in metric and from 0.004” to 1” in imperial sizes. Various lengths are also available – short and long length, long reach, regular and long shank as well as extended neck for rib processing.

Furthermore, the four flute end mills have been designed with a multiple helix to reduce vibrations at higher speed and to optimise results during heavy cutting operations and close tolerance applications.

4G mills are particularly recommended for wet and dry cutting as well as for high-speed and high precision machining processes of HRC30 to HRC55 materials.