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Select Line Angle Heads From Benz - An Investment Worth Making?



Beside higher rpms and higher accuracy the reduction of set up and machine down times is the main focus in the manufacturing industry. An important success factor is the integration of a modular tool interface.

The basic principle and the biggest advantage of modular tooling systems is that tools can be pre-set, set up and be ready for use on the machine by the operator, all while he is already in the process of machining other parts. The pre-set adapters then can be changed in a flash in the machine.

You as the customer increase the valuable production time of your machine while at the same time saving costs: Due to the modular design only the adapters are being changed - the base tool holder stays in the machine. This reduces the necessity of buying additional tools to a minimum.

With BENZ Solidfix® you have the most advanced and sophisticated modular quick change systems available to you.

An Investment Worth Making?

Are you looking for a quick change system that can be used in all areas of your production? The modular Quick Change Systems made by BENZ can be used in Live Tools as well as right angle heads, even Multi-spindle heads. BENZ Solidfix® is not only suited for large batch manufacturing but are especially cost effective when machines have to be re-tooled frequently due to manufacture of small lots or specialty parts. Saving you time & money.

System Design

By combining taper concentricity with no backlash with an extremely large planar surface, combined with high torque, BENZ Solidfix® offers a maximum in stability and rigidity, which is even capable of withstanding the demands of milling.

The high torque transmission and the highest possible rpms also stress the effectiveness. This is supported by a special clamping mechanism which works centrally, without lateral forces, which in combination with the compact, highly precise components used achieves optimal values for concentricity, rigidity and accuracy in repeatability.

Because of its compact design the system is ideal for tools with internal cooling.

Reducing Setup Time - Reducing Costs!

During normal tool change the complete tool has to be taken out of the machine. This causes long machine down times. By doing the tool change directly on the head the set up costs can already be reduced by 40%. The optimum in savings can be reached by using the modular quick change system BENZ Solidfix®. With this system the tool is set up in the adapter outside the machine and then changed in the machine within seconds. You save 90% of your original set-up costs!

Tool Change System

The BENZ Select Line Angle Heads are one of our newest and most highly anticipated products and buying one couldn't be simpler! All the items are listed online for your convenience:

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