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How to Find Cutting Data for Cutwel Products



Here at Cutwel Ltd we understand that Speeds & Feeds are a huge part of the Engineering Industry.

 If we don't have the correct cutting data we may see this impact our work piece or tools, To get the best results we must ensure that the information we have are accurate for the application.

Here at Cutwel Ltd we have tried making it as easy as possible for you to get the speeds & feeds of a product.


How to Find Speeds & Feeds on the Cutwel Website

It is easier to find Speeds & Feeds on Cutwels website than you think!

To find the speeds & feed of the product you want simply type the part code into the search bar and hit enter. When you hit enter the product will be displayed in front of you, Now the product is in front of you click the Technical Information Tab as shown below!

Once you have clicked the Technical Information Tab the cutting data will be available to open and download. If you come across a product that does not have any cutting data please email us at or call us on 01924 869660 and we would be happy to help.