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Bott Perfo Range

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Hook & Panel Kits
Category Bott Perfo - Hook & Panel Kits
Panel & Bin Kits
Category Bott Perfo - Panel & Bin Kits
Plastic Bins & Sets
Category Bott Perfo - Plastic Bins & Sets
Panel Racks & Trolleys
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Wall Cupboards
Category Wall Cupboards
Heavy Duty Panel Trolleys
Category Bott Perfo - Heavy Duty Panel Trolleys
Heavy Duty Cupboards
Category Heavy Duty Cupboards -Back & Sliding Panels
Bin Cupboards
Category Bin Cupboards
Tilt Boxes & Stackable Boxes
Category Tilt Boxes & Stackable Boxes

A well-ordered workplace with fast, easy access to tools and components is a vital element for efficient, economical production.


The Bott Perfo system is a simple, adaptable space-saving storage system for tools, small parts and consumables. Based around steel panels, the vast range of accessories available make Bott Perfo storage exceptionally versatile and flexible panels and accessories can simply be added as storage needs change.

In keeping with the modular principles Bott Perfo is integrated with items from across the Bott Cubio range.