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Hand Taps

Available in Taper, Second and Plug Single Taps or Hand Tap Sets

Metric Coarse Hand Taps
Category Metric Coarse Hand Taps
Metric Fine Hand Taps
Category Metric Fine Hand Taps
BA Hand Taps
Category BA Hand Taps
BSF Hand Taps
Category BSF Hand Taps
BSP Hand Taps
Category BSP Hand Taps
BSPT Hand Taps
Category BSPT Hand Taps
National Pipe Taper (NPT/NPTF) Hand Taps
Category National Pipe Taper (NPT/NPTF) Hand Taps
Whitworth (BSW) Hand Taps
Category Whitworth (BSW) Hand Taps
Unified (UNC/UNF) Hand Taps
Category Unified (UNC/UNF) Hand Taps
Hand Tap Wrenches
Category Hand Tap Wrenches

Cutwel stock a full range of hand taps from Presto, YG-1 and UFS in metric coarse, metric fine, BA, BSF (British Standard Fine), BSP, BSPT, BSW (whitworth), NPT, NPTF, UMC and UNF.

All taps are available in sets or as individual taps (first/taper, second, plug/bottom hand taps).  Hand taps are all straight fluted and can be used as machine taps if required. The first tap (taper) will cut 1/3 of the thread form and have a lead of 7-10 threads at 5 degrees per side. The taper lead distributes the cutting force over a large area, and the taper shape helps the thread to start. They can therefore be used to start a thread prior to use of second or bottom hand tap. The second tap has a lead of 3-5 threads at 8 degrees per side. They  can be used for through holes, or blind holes where the thread does not need to go right to the bottom. Plug taps have a chamfer (lead) of 1–2 threads, the angle of the lead being around 18 degrees per side. They are used to produce threads close to the bottom of blind holes. It is advisable to use all 3 taps however in lighter cutting materials, the second tap is often missed out. Order online and buy today for next day delivery.