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Indexable Threading Tool Holders

Internal & External Single Point Thread Turning Tool Holders

Thread turning toolholders can be used for machining any thread form simply by changing the insert.  Inserts and holders are available in a 4 size series (depending on the size/pitch of the thread).  Threading tool holders are available in right or left hand.  It is possible to machine a left hand thread using a right hand insert by changing the helix angle - please contact our technical team for advice.

For internal threading, it is always recommended to use the largest diameter shank possible for maximum rigidity which will result in the best quality thread for being machined.  Cutting large pitch threads with small toolholders can cause vibration and poor quality threads.

Our range of single point threading tool holders for lathe screw cutting is compatible with all major threading inserts (with the exception of Sandvik).  We stock screw clamp or top clamp threading tools.  

Size guide

  • 11ER/NR = Vardex 2ER/IR
  • 16ER/NR = Vardex 3ER/IR
  • 22ER/NR = Vardex 4ER/IR
  • 27ER/NR = Vardex 5ER/IR

Buy online today or speak to our technical sales team for advice on the best tool for your application.