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Partial Profile Threading Inserts

55 Degree & 60 Degree Partial Profile Single Point Thread Turning Inserts

Partial profile single point thread turning inserts are a universal threading insert which can be used for cutting different pitch threads for different thread forms with 1 insert.  The partial profile inserts does not top the thread off to form a full form thread, it creates the different size thread by penetrating to different depths.

Our range of partial profile threading inserts for lathe screw cutting is compatible with all major threading tool holders (with the exception of Sandvik).  Partial profile inserts are available in 60 degree (for metric, UNC/UNF threads) or 55 degree thread forms (for Whitwrorth/BSP/BSW thread forms)  We offers insert fully ground or moulded inserts with a chip bresaker (economy style). 

Size guide

  • 11ER/NR = Vardex 2ER/IR
  • 16ER/NR = Vardex 3ER/IR
  • 22ER/NR = Vardex 4ER/IR
  • 27ER/NR = Vardex 5ER/IR

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