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Metric Coarse Machine Taps

Machine Taps Spiral Point, Spiral Flute, Straight Flute and Roll Taps from YG-1 & UFS

Tapping is the final operation and only good quality taps should be used. We offer metric coarse machine taps in 4 forms: Spiral Point (for tapping through holes), Spiral Flute (for tapping blind holes), ,Straight Flute (for through and blind holes on cast iron and aluminium) & Roll Taps (thread forming taps) from YG-1 & UFS.  General purpose taps offer good allround capability across a wide range of material, however for the best reliability, we recommend using taps dedicated to the material you are tapping. We machine taps up to M36 - for larger sizes we have a full range of INDEXABLE THREAD MILLS and HAND TAPS.

UFS are Italy's premier manufacturer of high quality and high performance machine taps.  UFS taps are exceptional of difficult to tap materials like stainless steel, with special geometry taps and high quality substrates. The new UFS Hybrid-PM range is a new high performance coated powder metal range of machine taps for high speed tapping.  The UFS Synchro range allows tapping up to 40 metres a minute.The YG-1 range of machine taps offers unbeatable quality and value in general tapping applications. We stock metric coarse taps in spiral point, spiral flute, long length, roll taps and straight flute. Order online and buy today.