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Whitworth (BSW) Machine Taps

British Standard Whitworth Spiral Flute and Spiral Point Machine Taps

Whitworth thread form (British Standard Whitworth) is a 55 degree imperial (inch) size thread form and is a group of thread forms that also includes: BA,  Brass Threads, British Standard Conduit (BSCon), Model Engineers (ME), and British Standard Copper (BSCopper).  Whitworth taps should only be used for machining BSW threads.

We stock BSW Whitworth Machine taps in spiral point (for through holes) & spiral flute (for blind holes) up to 1" whitworth. For larger sizes we have a full range of INDEXABLE THREAD MILLS and HAND TAPS.  YG-1 range of machine taps offers unbeatable quality and value in general tapping applications. Buy online for free delivery from Cutwel.