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Machine Taps

Huge range of machine taps available in all common thread forms and for a wide range of materials. Performance levels from general purpose to ultra-high performance.

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    Shop Now General Purpose Machine Taps

    General purpose machine taps from YG-1 and UFS are designed for multi‑purpose general tapping applications across a wide range of materials.

    Shop Now High Performance Universal Machine Taps

    High performance multi-purpose tapping of all materials. The powder metal substrate with advanced geometries ensure exceptional tool life and thread quality.

    Shop Now High Resistance Machine Taps

    HR-SERIES taps from YG-1 and UFS are designed for tapping difficult materials including alloy and hardened steels <HRc52, grey cast iron, high silicone aluminium, bronze & copper alloys.

    Shop Now Machine Taps for Stainless Steel (Inox)

    The inox tap range is specially designed for coping with the demands of stainless steel resulting in reduced friction, lower torque and the most reliable performance.

    Shop Now Machine Taps for Aluminium & Non-Ferrous

    Geometries include interrupted flutes to prevent chip clogging, 45° helix for fast chip evacuation and a choice of surface treatments for unalloyed aluminium, aluminium alloys and copper alloys.

    Shop Now Machine Taps for Cast Iron & Abrasive Materials

    Powder Metal & HSS taps with special geometries for tapping cast iron, bronze & aluminium. Ranges include high strength taps and short lead taps for thin wall components.

    Shop Now Machine Taps for Titanium & Titanium Alloys

    These taps features geometries such as a 10°, 15° or 25° helix for high strength & specific coatings for different Titanium & Nickel Alloys or bright uncoated finish for unalloyed Titanium.

    Shop Now Synchro Rigid High Performance Machine Taps

    Synchro Taps can run at surface speeds up to 4 times greater than standard HSSE taps with vastly increased tool life, lower tapping loads & improved thread quality.

    Shop Now Cold Forming Roll Taps

    The range of roll taps from YG-1 and UFS includes HSSE and powder metal substrates with the option of oil grooves to aid lubrication.

    Shop Now Thread Repair Taps

    Thread repair taps are used together with thread repair inserts to replace damaged threads.