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Screw Extractor - GS00903 Series (Cutwel Pro)


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This screw extractor is used to remove broken screws from workpieces and is made from a tough tool steel. It can be used with a standard tap wrench for easy removal. Sizes available from M3 up to M24 (1/8" to 1").
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Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Diameter (inch) Overall Length Shank Diameter Stock Price (ex VAT) Qty Action
M3-M6 1/8"-1/4" 51mm 3.8mm
In Stock
£0.50 £0.42

Screw Diameter (mm) M3-M6
Screw Diameter (inch) 1/8"-1/4"
Overall Length 51mm
Shank Diameter 3.8mm
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M6-M8 1/4"-5/16" 60mm 4.8mm
In Stock
£0.58 £0.48

Screw Diameter (mm) M6-M8
Screw Diameter (inch) 1/4"-5/16"
Overall Length 60mm
Shank Diameter 4.8mm
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M8-M11 5/16"-7/16" 68mm 6.4mm
In Stock
£0.64 £0.53

Screw Diameter (mm) M8-M11
Screw Diameter (inch) 5/16"-7/16"
Overall Length 68mm
Shank Diameter 6.4mm
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M11-M14 7/16"-9/16" 76mm 8.4mm
In Stock
£0.96 £0.80

Screw Diameter (mm) M11-M14
Screw Diameter (inch) 7/16"-9/16"
Overall Length 76mm
Shank Diameter 8.4mm
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M14-M18 9/16"-3/4" 86mm 10.9mm
In Stock
£1.27 £1.06

Screw Diameter (mm) M14-M18
Screw Diameter (inch) 9/16"-3/4"
Overall Length 86mm
Shank Diameter 10.9mm
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M18-M24 3/4"-1" 95mm 12mm
In Stock
£2.41 £2.01

Screw Diameter (mm) M18-M24
Screw Diameter (inch) 3/4"-1"
Overall Length 95mm
Shank Diameter 12mm
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Features & Benefits
  • Used to extract broken screws from workpieces.
  • Can be used with correct sized tap wrench for easy screw extraction.
  • Made from tool steel.
  • Square shank.
Brand Cutwel Pro
Product Range Screw Extractors
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