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CNC or conventional lathes generally use either VDI tool holders, bolt on tool holders, quick change tool posts for clamping turning tools, boring bars and driven / live tooling for milling, drilling and tapping.  Milling machines and machining centres generally use spindle tooling, the most popular of which is BT40 in the UK. Cutwel are the UK's premier suppliers of spindle tool holders and static tool holders for lathes, milling machines and machining centres, with the widest stock range, best delivery and lowest prices.

We stock for next day delivery BT40, BT50, SK40, SK50, ISO40, ISO50, HSK63, HSK100, R8, Bolt On, Base Mount, Tool Posts & VDI ER collet chucks, end milling holders, tap chucks, drill chucks, shrink fit chucks, boring bar holders, test bars, blanks as well as a full range of accessories. We are market leaders in the UK for machine tool packages due to our huge stocks, brilliant prices and next day delivery for tool holders for every machine.

Cutwel are UK agents for Benz and Gerardi, manufacturers of high quality driven tools, angle heads and spindle speeders. Contact us today for a quote or buy online today.