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Adjustable Angle Heads (Automatic Tool Change)

Adjustable angle heads enable drilling, tapping or light milling at any angle on machining centres, without the need for 4th axis tables or custom fixturing such as parallels.  This has the added benefit of saving time, increasing rigidity of the set up and improving accuracy. 

Our range of standard 90 degree angle heads includes 3 series, Gerardi Classic Line, Gerardi Evolution Line and Benz WDX.  The Gerardi Classic line adjustable angle heads are a 1 piece unit and offer an excellent weight, size and value ratio and can be adjusted from 0-90 degrees.  The newly developed Evolution line is a 2 piece unit with interchangeable shanks, so 1 head can be used on BT, DIN or HSK machines simply by changing the shank.

The Benz Mono WDX range offers the highest speed to torque ratio of any angle head on the market due to the patented X-Line crown gears, only available on Benz angle heads and can be adjusted by 0-100 degrees and can be orientated through 360 degrees.