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90 Degree Angle Heads (Manual Tool Change)

Manual tool change 90 degree angle heads can be used for drilling, tapping and light milling in machines where it is not possible to auto tool change (e.g. if the head is too heavy or no carousel). Angle heads can be orientated through 360 degrees.

The Gerardi Classic Line range of angle heads has been developed over 40 years by Gerardi in Italy and offers the best solution for as one of the most compact and lightweight heads on the market.  The shaft is one solid piece with the drive input taper, case hardened and ground.  Ground spiral gears allow for high performance and torque with minimum vibration and noise. 

The Gerardi Evolution Line range is a modular system that allows you to interchange the heads between different machines eg: BT40 to SK40 simply by changing the input shanks. All heads are supplied with a 12 month warranty.