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BMT65 OD Turning Tool Holder, External Coolant, 25mm Clamping Capacity (WTO)

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BMT65 OD cutting static tool holder for square shank turning/grooving/threading tools. External coolant, 25mm clamping capacity. Made in Germany by market leader WTO.
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Features & Benefits
  • For 25mm square shank turning/grooving Tools
  • External coolant
  • Made in Germany
  • 180° reversable
  • Standard Type
Warranty 1 Year
Tool Positions 1
Tool Type OD Turning Tool Holder
Connection BMT65
Turret BMT-P
Machine Compatibility EMAG-BMT65, Accuway UT-300 M/SM (BMT65), Accuway UT-300 Y (BMT65), Accuway UZ-2000 T2Y (BMT65), DMCDL 35-40 M, Doosan Puma 300 M/MS, Doosan Puma 2100,2600(II) M/MS/Y/SY (BMT65), Doosan Puma 3100 M/Y, GT3100 M, Doosan Puma MX2000, 2500, 2600 T/ST/SY, Doosan Puma SMX2600, 3100 ST, Doosan Puma TT2000, 2500 MS/SY, Doosan Puma V400 M, Duplomatic DM-TR-20-D12-380-BMT65/10, EcocaMT-3/MT-4 MC/MCSY, EMAGVL 6 (BMT65-110), EMAGVL 6 (BMT65-95 High Performance), EMAGVM 9, VMC 450 (BMT65-110), Focus CNCFBL-300MC, GaneshASL-15 MY (BMT65), GaneshASL-78/105 TTMY (BMT65), Goodway GLS-2800-3300 M/Y/MS/YS, Goodway GMS-2000 ST (15 station turret), Goodway GS-2000 - 3300 M/Y/MS/YS (16 station turret), Goodway GTH-2000, 2600 M, Goodway GMT-2000, Goodway GTX/GTZ-2000, 2600 M/Y (12 station turret), HURCO TMX 8, TMX10 MY/MYS (BMT65), HaasST-20/25/30/35, DS-30 (BMT65), HardingeElite 65 M Ultra, HeadmanT65 M, Hwacheon T2 MC/SMC/YMC/YSMC, Hyundai WIAHD2600, 3100M (BMT65), Hyundai WIAL2000, 2600, 3000Y/LY/SY/LSY, Hyundai WIASKT200, 250TTM/MS/SY, J.G.WeisserArtery M-2 MT (BMT65), JohnfordSL-60, 65 (BMT65), LMWLR30TML7, LEADWELLLTC-25iM (BMT65), ROMIGL 350M, SME CSLV 500M, SpinnerTC 800 SMCY (BMT65), Takisawa TaiwanLA-250 YS II T15 (BMT65), TongtaiTD-2000, 2500Y (12ST, BMT65), VictorVTurn-S26CM, VictorVTurn-A26SCM, YSCM, WELEHL-200YS
Length 128
Height 75
Width 96
Product Range Static Tools
Tool Clamping 25
Coolant External
Brand WTO
Cutwel Sku 48-92428
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