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Goodway Tool Holders

Static & Driven Tools for Goodway CNC Lathes & Sliding Head Lathes

Our range of Goodway tool holders are available for Goodway CNC lathes with:

  • BMT45 turrets (GLS150, GLS200 M (new turret version), GLS1500, GLS2000, GTS150 (new turret version), GTW1500
  • BMT65 turrets (GS-2000 - 2800 (16 station turret), GMT-2000, GTX/GTZ-2000, 2600 (12 station turret)
  • ø22 Shaft & ø34mm shaft tools for Goodway sliding head lathes.


Goodway BMT45 & BMT65 driven tools are now available in the WTO QuickFlex modular system.


Goodway BMT45 Driven Tools
Goodway BMT45 Driven Tools
Goodway BMT65 Tool Holders
Base Mount Static and Driven Tools
Goodway Tool Holders Ø22 Shaft
Category Star & Goodway Tool Holders Ø22 Shaft
Goodway Tool Holders Ø34 Shaft
Goodway Tool Holders ø34 Shaft