Static Tools For SQT 15, 18, 200, 250
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Static Tools For SQT 15, 18, 200, 250

Turning Tool Holders, Comination Boring Bar/Indexable Drill Holders, Y Axis Holders, Sub-Spindle Holders, Facing Holders & ER Collet Chucks With VDI40 Shanks For Mazak

Get the most capacity out of your Mazak Super Quick Turn (SQT 15, 18, 200, 250) lathe with our range of WTO static tool holders.  WTO have the most comprehensive range of Mazak tool holders available with multiple holders for Y axis machining, combination holders for indexable drills and boring bars, as well as double sided holders for sub-spindle machining.  Many tools are supplied with double serrated VDI40 shanks, making them 180 degree reversible. This range of tool holders are ONLY suitable for the 12 station turret SQT 15, 18, 200 & 250.   Order today!