Quck Turn Nexus (QTN) Holders
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Quck Turn Nexus (QTN) Holders

Static & Driven Tool Holders For Mazak Quick Turn Nexus Lathes

Static & Driven Tool holders For Mazak Quick Turn Nexus (QTN) 100, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 lathes and turn-mill centres. We have a huge range of driven tools from standard 1:1 ratio to high speed and high torque driven tools, Y axis and multi-clamping holders (please take care when ordering tools for QTN 200 & 250 lathes and select the correct option for 12 or 16 station turrets).

Manufactured by WTO in German and Gerardi in Italy - 2 year warranty on Gerardi driven tools!

QTN 100 Tool Holders
Also Suitble For QTN 200/250 (16 Station Turret)
QTN 200 & 250 Tool Holders
12 Station Turret Only