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Miyano Tool Holders

Driven Tools For Miyano Lathes With BMT45 & BMT54 Turrets

Miyano driven tools from WTO and Gerardi.  Driven tools with 45mm diameter shafts (BMT45) are suitable for  Miyano ABX51, ABX64 SY/TH2/TH3, BNJ34, BNJ42, BNJ51 S/SY, BNX42 SY,BND51 SY2, BNE34 SY5, BNE51 SY5.

Driven tools with 54mm diameter shafts (BMT54) are suitable for  Miyano ABX51 SYY/THY & ABX64 SYY/THY.  All Gerardi driven tools are supplied with a 2 year warranty and WTO driven tools are made in Germany.

Miyano BMT45 Driven Tools
Category Miyano & Goodway BMT45 Driven Tools
Miyano BMT54 Driven Tools
Category Miyano BMT54 Driven Tools