Goodway BMT45 Driven Tools
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Goodway BMT45 Driven Tools

BMT45 Driven Tools Suitable Goodway GLS150, GLS200 M (new turret version), GLS1500, GLS2000 M, GTS150 (new turret version), GTW1500. Also suitable for Miyano.

WTO QuickFlex For Goodway BMT45.... The perfect combination: ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder.

  •  Permanent run-out accuracy is guaranteed by face & taper connections
  •  Polygon drive on the QuickFlex adaptors provides highest torque transfer & prevents the adaptor from slipping under heavy cutting load
  • Choose from 5 adaptors: Weldon/Whistle Notch, ER Standard, ER Mini, ER Short & Face Mill Arbor
  •  Quick, easy and safe tool change with 1 hand wrench