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Nakamura BMT55 Tool Holders

Nakamura BMT55 Tool Holders

Static & Driven Tool Holders From WTO & Gerardi for Nakamura Lathes With BMT55 Turrets

Driven & Static Tools Suitable for the following Nakamura-Tome  lathes:  AS200 (12 station turret), AS200 (15 station turret), NTY³250, SC150, SC200, SC250, Super NTJ, Super NTJX, Super NTM³, TW10, TW20 (16 Stations),WTS150, WTW150,WT150, WT150 II, WT250, WT250 II & WY250. . Partnered with a WTO toolholder and Nakamura lathe, BMT turrets are the most stable of turret available on a lathe machine tool, the BMT turret is heavier, bigger and secured with four bolts. This ensures stability on light cutting and heavy duty machining operations.


Nakamura BMT55 Driven Tools
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